How CIOs Are Navigating Consumerism in Healthcare

Consumerism is no longer a future healthcare trend. It’s changing the game in healthcare, reshaping how care is delivered and disrupting traditional business models for payers, providers and healthcare vendors alike.

Organizations are turning to technology to meet the needs of newly empowered healthcare consumers—and many are relying on their chief information officers to help them set the right direction for the future.  

CIOs now find themselves on the frontlines of driving better outcomes and business growth for the healthcare organizations they serve. At emids’ recent healthcare summit, we gathered a panel of a dozen CIOs from across the industry to get their insight on how they are helping their organization achieve these goals, the challenges they face and the opportunities they see for using technology to engage healthcare consumers now and in the future.

Download our report, How CIOs Are Navigating Consumerism in Healthcare, for more about: 

  • How CIOs are tackling the challenges consumerism poses for the payer and provider world
  • Lessons other industries offer for using technology to engage with consumers    
  • How CIOs are investing in technology to create value for consumers today and the possibilities they see for the future
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